Rocklands BBQ Sauce
Rocklands Original Barbeque Sauce
is tangy, rich with onions and vinegar. It’s not too sweet – just a bit of brown sugar – and it’s vegetarian. We like it on everything from pork to beef to fish to veggies.

Our Original Barbeque Sauce can be purchased in local groceries like Whole Foods, at any Rocklands, or ordered online at

Rocklands Citrus Sauce hits you with lemon-orange goodness. Great for seafood, veggies and chicken, both as a basting glaze and a dipping sauce.

Our Citrus Sauce can be purchased in any Rocklands, or ordered online at

Rocklands Global Warming is the positive side of a warming environment. Just like the issue, this sauce is a complex condiment, with some heat and lots of attitude. Put a bottle on your table to pour over grilled foods, casseroles, scrambled eggs, you name it.

Our Global Warming Sauce can be purchased in any Rocklands, or ordered online at

Barack Obama Hot Sauce by Rocklands Barbeque
Our limited edition Barack Obama Hot Sauce is a straight-up chipotle sauce, hot and spicy. We shake it onto sandwiches and our morning eggs. This reminder of our great democracy is available in any Rocklands, while it lasts (the sauce, not the democracy).

purchase Rocklands malt salt and blackening rubYou don’t have to buy Rocklands Malt Salt and Blackening Rub together, but you might want to: They both add amazing flavor to anything you grill, broil, barbeque or bake. Our malt salt is a special blend of vinegar and salt, guaranteed to add “kapow” flavor to your fish, chicken or meat. We sprinkle it on liberally for a simple roast chicken, and pat it into the surface of steaks before they hit the grill. Our blackening rub makes your taste buds sit up — this is hot stuff. Just a little dab’l do ya, on the outside of burgers, pork tenderloin or ribs. Available at any Rocklands.

Rocklands gift cards make great gifts!
Gift Cards
Our Gift Cards can be purchased in any Rocklands, in any denomination starting at $5.oo. They never expire and they fit perfectly in a student’s back pocket, your brother-in-law’s wallet, or a teacher thank-you package. If you’re out of the area, please call (202) 337-1925 to order a gift card, and we’ll mail it right out.

Rocklands gift-pack of sauces and rubs
Gift box
We’ve put together four of our most-loved sauces and rubs: Rocklands Original Barbeque Sauce, Global Warming Sauce, Malt Salt and Blackening Rub. The foursome comes packed in a sturdy and very “Rocklands” brown kraft-paper box. All it needs it needs is the bow! And thanks to one of our pals, you can now buy this box on Amazon and have it shipped directly to the barbeque-cook in your life. Buy the Rocklands Four-Pack of Flavor on Amazon now, or come get this gift at your favorite Rocklands.

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